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Kat Wilson

Kat Wilson released her Debut EP Sea Legs in July 2014 to a sell out crowd at the Astor Lounge. Her single Oceans and EP then took #1 position on the Australian iTunes blues charts and inhabited the top 10 spots for 6 consecutive weeks... Read more

Conscious Dreamers

Embracing all things: Folk, American & Roots, Perth locals Jon Matthews & Gary Benness put good ol' fashioned guitar playing and harmony singing back in focus... Read more


RAINDROP began their journey in 2013 with Miles Devine, Guitarist and Keyboard player of Sydney Psychedelic Rock group Regular John, who had just recorded their second album “Strange Flowers” with... Read more


Jonathan Brain

Jonathan Brain Indie-folk singer Jonathan Brain’s songs travel the open landscape of the soul; with a unique voice described as "extraordinary" by Wire Magazine and as “haunting” by The Australian... Read more

James Michael Thompson

James Michael Thompson plays blues music. Originally modelling his style on blues greats Blind Willie Johnson and Robert Johnson, he has expanded his music to encompass the broader blues/rock... Read more

Toward Music

Freelance Music Journalist Toward Music gives artists in the music entertainment industry publicity surrounding latest CD releases, live performances, interviews, upcoming gigs, PR work and... Read more


Georgia Juliette

Hailing from Perth originally, GEORGIA JULIETTE draws influences from local musicians and bands including folk acts such as The Waifs and Little Birdy, as well as international legends like Cat... Read more


Kicking back to the smooth sounds of this fabulous French femme is the perfect way to chill out and enjoy yourself. Géraldine plays a great mix of covers as well as original compositions – some... Read more

Marcus Bancroft

Take a love travel and the ocean, mixed with slide guitar, fingerpicking and traditional forms of music, and you have the music of Marcus Bancroft. Emotive, searching lyrics and simple melodies... Read more


Sundays Away

sundays away is a musical project devoted to simple melodies about life. The stripped back foundations of the songs are a clear homage to DIY punk rock past, while intricate overdubs lift emotion... Read more


Ludwig is a new project based dance company directed by Cass Mortimer Eipper and Emma Sandall. Established in 2009 by founding members Cass Mortimer Eipper, Emma Sandall, Timothy O’Donnell and... Read more

Greg Champion

Songwriter, singer, comedian and prominent radio personality Greg Champion captures what it is to be Australian through his unique combination of comedy, sports parodies and country/folk music.... Read more


Jessie Moncrieff

Here’s a bit about me: I’m from Fremantle, Western Australia, near a beautiful beach. When I was growing up my whole family were always into singing and listening to music. I was allowed to have... Read more

Timothy O’Donnell

The son of a ballet school director, Timothy couldn’t help but be immersed in the world of dance and so dance is as natural a form of personal expression to him as walking and talking. He is a... Read more


Born in Perth, Western Australia, Rhiannon trained at the Marie Walton-Mahon Dance Academy and the New Zealand School of Dance, where she gained a Diploma in Dance Performance. During her time... Read more


Luke Ebsworthy

This EP is my first attempt at recording music and I am really grateful to the Rella guys for the opportunity to do so. All three songs were written during a time in my life when I was suffering... Read more

Bri Clark

Newly initiated alt-pop singer-songwriter, Bri Clark, has burst onto the scene with her track Never Far Enough, being added to triple j unearthed rotation as well as being played on triple j... Read more

Kat Wilson Trio

The Kat Wilson Trio is a mash of coastal blues and folk melodies. When singer-songwriter and ginger native Kat Wilson explored a simple and slightly louder sound then normal the trio was created in a Rella Music warehouse... Read more


James Collins

James Collins was born in Exeter, U.K. 1984, and moved to Perth, Western Australia with his family before he was three. He began learning guitar with the late Andy Hassan at nine and made his... Read more





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