RAINDROP began their journey in 2013 with Miles Devine, Guitarist and Keyboard player of Sydney Psychedelic Rock group Regular John, who had just recorded their second album “Strange Flowers” with legendary Aria- nominated producer Tim Powles of “The Church.” The album was critically acclaimed, Triple J Featured and nominated for album of the year.

After learning some magic tricks from seasoned trippers, Devine found some time to record an EP with his friends as a little project on the side and released Raindrop’s debut, “EP001”. Not long after releasing it, Devine decided to write a large catalogue of songs that he could bring into being, once surrounded with like-minded musical humans.

Almost two years after Raindrop’s first release, Devine decided to choose a bunch of the songs he had written and collaborate with some of his favourite musicians, recruiting Richard in Your Mind member Pat Torres and The Seaport & The Airport producer Oscar Wuts. This was the beginning of “Crowded Brain”.

Taking an approach to re-create the lo-fi tones of miles’ 4-track cassette demos, many strange techniques were used in the studio to assure the vibe was perfectly imperfect. And to put the icing on this cosmic cake, Raindrop also began a wacked out and beautiful relationship with the legendary SPOD, who has helped to mould and mix their sound into It’s current concoction of new dimensions.

Crowded Brain takes a journey to where Raindrop want to head, but without trying to be overly obvious about it. It’s just a simple story of a space cadet that constantly has too much on his mind.