sundays away is a musical project devoted to simple melodies about life. The stripped back foundations of the songs are a clear homage to DIY punk rock past, while intricate overdubs lift emotion with effective simplicity.

sundays away’s primary songwriter Chad Peacock first picked up a guitar at age sixteen when his sister left home (leaving her guitar behind). The songs started coming immediately and a four track was promptly acquired to capture the simple melodies. The aspiration to join a band was achieved when he was approached to join the pop punk act ’kerb’. The band went on to record and release their debut album (Nobody here but us Walruses) later that year which went to number one on the Perth local record charts. The following year saw the band share the stage with acts such as The Living End, Rancid, and Ash - culminating in a Western Australian Music Industry award for best punk act. Chad then founded the melodic power pop band ‘lewis’ who’s future was cut short by his ever-growing desire to travel (lewis’ song ‘don’t look down’ was featured on the 2000 WAMI compilation Disc).

With travel becoming a predominant factor for the next several years, the acoustic guitar and laptop became the practical outlet. sundays away was born out of a desire to record and catalogue the continuing flow of songs that were being written abroad. Upon returning to Perth in 2005 sundays away’s music was showcased through solo shows and CD launch supports. Each gig would feature a unique set of recently recorded demo CD’s that audience members could take home free of charge. This process proved fruitful and planted the seeds for what would become the next phase of sundays away.In 2006/2007 sundays away decided to take break from the live scene and launch an ambitious song writing project. The song a Week Project would see a new demo written, recorded, and released online each week for a year (free via podcast). The project surpassed all expectations with more than 200,000 songs being downloaded over the course of the project. The project was also regularly featured on the iTunes front page, and consistently charted in the most popular music podcast category garnering many new fans from abroad. In 2007/2008 the highlights of the project were taken into the studio and fleshed out into a full-length album. The songs were recorded with a diverse array of musicians, explaining the eclectic mix of sounds and moods captured on the album and released to a packed house in the Norfolk basement early 2009. sundays awayare currently writing and demoing new material for a new album anticipated for an early 2010 release. For updates on shows, news, the ‘song a week’ project, and the upcoming album be sure to check out sundays away’s online home: