Take a love travel and the ocean, mixed with slide guitar, fingerpicking and traditional forms of music, and you have the music of Marcus Bancroft. Emotive, searching lyrics and simple melodies over stripped back acoustic instrumentation. Honest interpretations of life’s experiences and observations. Marcus recently visited a studio for a day to record 3 new songs, stripped back to bare acoustic instruments and vocals, with help on Sirens from James Michael Thompson improvising with slide guitar and extra vocals. The results are raw and warm, much like the stories in those songs. In the past Marcus has travelled and played before a wide variety of audiences, from tours in the UK and South Africa, to contemporary, blues and folk festivals at home.

Since then Marcus has recorded a new ep - in 5.1 surround sound - and this audio dvd will be available soon. This was a project recorded with drummer Danny Jeater and double bass player Kirsty Collins - the songs, The Carpenter and Praise, will inspire.


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