Hailing from Perth originally, GEORGIA JULIETTE draws influences from local musicians and bands including folk acts such as The Waifs and Little Birdy, as well as international legends like Cat Stevens, Sheryl Crowe, James Taylor, Ricky Lee Jones and Shawn Calvin to create a sound that is unique, contemporary and exciting.

Beginning early, the manifestation of GEORGIA JULIETTE’S love for music came through writing fresh, acoustic melodies on guitar at the age of 13. Coupling this with her natural knack for writing lyrics that hold a ubiquitous empathy with her audience, GEORGIA JULIETTE made the trip across Australia to Sydney, where she studied at the Australian Institute of Music, wowing both instructors and peers alike with her fresh take on contemporary acoustic music.

After finishing her studies, GEORGIA JULIETTE quickly developed a strong following within the live music scene in Sydney, playing live shows at landmark venues such as The Vanguard, Candy’s Apartment, The Annandale Hotel, The Hopetoun, The Gaelic Club, Ice Burgs and feature performances at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show.


In January 2009, GEORGIA JULIETTE finished recording her debut EP, Love Affair, a collection of four of her most prolific songs to date. Fraught with enthusiasm, promise and talent, Love Affair offers a familiar insight into the thoughts, experiences and heart of GEORGIA JULIETTE. Sure to entice and excite her audience with her unique blend of pop, folk and raw youthful emotion, GEORGIA JULIETTE comes flying into the conscience and hearts of music lovers across Australia